2015 Weather World Trivia Contest

Rules and Guidelines

After you have registered, at the end of each week, submit your answers to that week's questions (between Friday and Monday at noon).
Only one submission per person each week. All you need is 10 or more correct to be eligible for the drawing on Wednesday, March 5th.

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First Place Receives

Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 Plus with Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield - donated by Penn State alum Ed Mansouri. Ed's company is UCompass, with the latest initiative being called "WeatherSTEM" that utilizes this unit.

Second Place Receives

Wind chime donated by the Old Town Wind Bells company.

Third Place Receives

Five novels are included, written by Penn State alumni.
Three are written by Maria Snyder, encompassing the entirety of the "Glass Books" series.
Two are written by Paul Mark Tag, Category 5 and White Thaw: The Helheim Conspiracy.